Create an edge with me.
Converge your ideas.

What's LaunchPad?

A coaching program for founders. I bring you from zero to one in different fields highlighting-but not exclusive to the mental game of entrepreneurship.

Build resilience. Find clarity

1:1 Coaching


Executive coaching requires a close involvement. Our sessions are unbiased, with sometimes harsh truths that can lead to pivots. 



From onboarding to roadmap. We share a private workspace to prepare, communicate async and document your improvements. Setting milestones and sprints to keep you accountable for your actions.

What it takes


We set achievable goals to launch, improve or stabilize your business. Whether you’re a startup founder or a mature business, it’s about us moving the needle together.


Mental Game

Highlighting the mental game of entrepreneurship. I will help you navigate through storms, setbacks and dire situations.

Building emergence through a mindset shift.

The how

We will share a private Notion Workspace. Since each person has different needs I will fire off a series of initial onboarding questions.

That helps me to assess your situation better on top of what I already know from your situation or business.

After completion, we schedule a Zoom call and we can discuss your thoughts more in-dep

First Zoom call is always filled with new discoveries and it helps me better understand your needs.


We can align our thoughts and possibly add more questions in case we need more clarification. If needed, there will be an extra call after the onboarding call before moving to the next step.

LaunchPad is aimed at people who want to go to work. The theory will only get you so far.

After the onboarding, I map out a few exercises that lead to deconstructing the business or situation before puzzling it together.


I do this to help you find clarity in your leaks and possibly stress test your abilities.

Over the years I built a model that helps people find their golden ratio. A model that builds a ratio between process, goals, and instinct.


Not everyone is equally skilled and plugging leaks, building a better ratio, and defining your strengths and weaknesses are critical for optimal workflow.

The what

I will revise and audit your progress on a high frequency. Constant auditing helps you stay on track and become accountable for your actions.

Since I’ll be the one guiding you and adding comments through Notion in case we need clarity.

One of our goals is to find a routine that works for YOU. Each case is different and obtaining a certain discipline helps you progress.


Better discipline will lead to an optimal routine which I will help you get there until we hit that ratio.

I am no stranger to being imbalanced in entrepreneurship. My past experiences led to finding mentors who coached me on the mental game of business.


15 years ago, that helped me stay on track rebalancing in case I was making decisions because emotions got to me.


I am here for you to work on the mental game. Often underrated but should be highly valued.

After deconstructing your situation, we will work on planning. Puzzling your business back together that covers all critical elements to operate.


The goal is to map out a business plan that works for you and that you can operate or use as a guideline for the future.


It’s part of the exercise. When you start mapping it out, I correct it and turn it into a compass on paper for you.

Depending on the stage you’re at we improve what you already have. Contingent if you still need that PMF exercise.


Nonetheless, we will iterate or audit your current business and find root issues that might be tied to your current product or service offering.

Depending on the type of service or business, I will help you build a better GTM strategy within your financial means, capacity, or skills.


Along the way, I will help and guide you through the process and help you find clarity in unknown territories.

Go-to-market strategies are not universal playbooks.

It’s up to us to determine what works best for YOU that can be executed today with room for possible pivots.

Selling a product or service is one thing. Printing your DNA into the business and creating a personal brand that tells a story is another.


We will work on building a stronger personal online presence. A story that resonates with your audience.

For any less critical questions, you can ask me directly via chat or text message. I am available on Discord, Slack, and an emergency WhatsApp line in case it’s critical.

That means you don’t need to wait for another phone call unless the matter is more complex or requires more in-depth explanation.


$ 249 / Month
  • Monthly 1:1 Session
  • Text Notes & Private Workspace
  • Private Discord Chat & Support
  • Access To FocusX Group
  • Monthly E-mail Recap + Goals


$ 427 / Month
  • Bi-Weekly 1:1 Sessions
  • Text/Voice Notes & Private Workspace
  • Private Discord Chat & Support
  • Access To FocusX Group
  • Bi-Weekly E-mail Recap + Goals
  • Access To Content Library (beta)


$ 779 / Month
  • Weekly 1:1 Sessions
  • Text/Voice Notes & Private Workspace
  • Emergency Line
  • Private Discord Chat & Support
  • Access To FocusX Group
  • Bi-Weekly E-mail Recap + Goals
  • Access To Content Library (beta)
  • Private Channel With Sigma Members


A lot will depend on you and the coaching program you are enrolled. But significant results should show up around the 3-5 month mark.


That’s my experience with others that I brought from zero revenue to even 20K monthly.

But lots of it will depend on you doing the work with me.


However, every LaunchPad member I work(ed) with has the motivation, willpower, and drive to improve themselves or their business.

We can assess what seems the better fit in case you need more or less.


Most LP members start on the Sigma or Omega plan because it will get them much faster results.


After a while (usually 5 months on average) we go with a lower frequency of calls but more async work.



An ideal scenario for the majority of people would be 5 months Sigma -3 months Omega – and tune it down to an ongoing Alpha program.

No contracts. We can always pause or cancel at any given time. In case you decide to cancel, let me know and we ride out the remaining time for an exit interview.

Everything shared between you and me in Notion is confidential and never leaves the room. Including financials or your personal situation.

That’s only between you and me.

Consider Launchpad a safe space for you to spill the beans.


Zoom calls are recorded for you to revise or look back on but are never shared in public. If you prefer not to record the coaching calls then you let me know.

Sometimes a lot of new info can be hard to process. LP members prefer to record sessions for personal gain. Those Zoom calls are NEVER published and only are between you and me.